Body Beast Special!

Thursday July 24th Body Beast will be going on sale at Beachbody.

I’m a P90X, X2 and X3 girl. I’ve also loved T25, but I’ve always wanted to try Body Beast. How RIPPED could I get? I have no idea, but I can hardly wait. I used to be afraid of the thought of THE BEAST but now it seems like such a cool challenge.

It’s the leg workouts that I really want. I literally want my butt kicked. I think BODY BEAST can do it!

I’ll post as soon as I have the sale details. If you want to join me stay tuned.

Day Two – Sedona

Jane Boegel:

Here’s why I haven’t blogged in a while. I was off seeing the country!

Originally posted on Road Trip 2014:

IMG_0050IMG_0090IMG_0059IMG_0098IMG_0096Road Trip, Day Two – Sedona, Arizona
By Clueless Dad

This was a great day because it was very representative of the situations we’d have in the days to come. (not sure if that’s grammatically correct, but I’ll press on.) We left Kingman, our first experience at a Best Western, and I have to say, a very pleasant one. (No, I am not a paid spokesman for Best Western, though they will come a half dozen more times as I we drive.).

I was really looking forward to this day, because we were headed to one of the most beautiful spots I’ve been to – Sedona, Arizona. I’d been here two times before, but for Jane and Samantha, it was their first. I’d been talking it up quite a bit and I was anxious to see their reaction.

First big disappointment, the main road 89A south from Flagstaff, one of…

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Back from TV sound editing world…

Television sound editor is my day job.  April and May are “pilot season” so things can get really hairy busy for a few weeks there.  I worked on ” iZombie” which was really fun and got picked up for next fall!  During that time I took a break from working out and did a clean-eating detox, Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset.   

What a great experience.  I’ll detail later, but I lost 10 lbs(and 2 more since finishing a week ago) a bunch of inches, my skin looks great and I have a terrific sense of vitality!

I’m back to working normal TV post-production hours and started working out again.  T25:  

It’s my 2nd go at this.  Did it last summer and fall.  My resting heart rate went from 68 to 58.  So it’s back to clean eating and heart-pumping cardio before we head on the road for a month-long cross-country road trip!