If you want to be rich and powerful, majoring in STEM is a good place to start

I totally agree!


The standard narrative today is that science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education is important because we need more data scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals. But promoting STEM education is critical for another reason: it teaches creative problem solving, which is widely applicable and more necessary than ever today. STEM education is linked to success not only in STEM fields, but in many other disciplines and even among many of the world’s most wealthy and powerful people.

At the heart of mathematics is pattern recognition and the joy of numerical play. What psychologists might call fluid reasoning, or mental power, is what you use when you’re struggling with a problem and don’t know what to do. This includes pattern recognition, abstract reasoning, and problem solving, and can be considered the engine powering numeracy. It is fundamental to so much of human and technological progress, as Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee…

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Need A Migraine? Visit the In-And-Out in Victorville

So true.

Road Trip 2014

So we’re a good four hours into our trip, and we decide to stop for food.  In retrospect, this should have happened an hour earlier (that means my blood sugar is crashing, and even more cranky than usual).  It’s also about 230 degrees in Victorville, and the people are melting as the try to get from their car to their house.  The gods smile on us and we find a space in the shade.  We enter the largest — and loudest — In-And-Out burger I’ve ever been do.  The volume on the speakers calling out order numbers is loud enough to loosen fillings.  The registers are so close together, it’s impossible for more than one person to order, it’s impossible for anyone to hear the person behind them, it’s impossible for anyone who’s ordered at another register to get by you.  It’s a disaster.

As we wait for the food…

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Body Beast Special!

Thursday July 24th Body Beast will be going on sale at Beachbody.

I’m a P90X, X2 and X3 girl. I’ve also loved T25, but I’ve always wanted to try Body Beast. How RIPPED could I get? I have no idea, but I can hardly wait. I used to be afraid of the thought of THE BEAST but now it seems like such a cool challenge.

It’s the leg workouts that I really want. I literally want my butt kicked. I think BODY BEAST can do it!

I’ll post as soon as I have the sale details. If you want to join me stay tuned.